Let us introduce ourselves.






Karma – good things are coming.

We are Karma Yoga Studio. Our commitment to our own practice has given us the experience needed to help guide others. Made up of a team of passionate instructors, we prove a variety of classes.


Meet the Team

Our Studio

Karma opened in 2001 by a group of yogis who saw the need for a studio in their community. Built on tradition, but refined with western personalities in mind, Karma offers many types of yoga for any skill level. Check out our classes now to see what speaks to you.

Our Mission

The focus of our studio is and always has been to provide our students with a place of practice – whatever that means to them. We are a place of serenity, faith, strength, and even just a place to reflect. Each of our classes brings a focus to being still and being quiet; living in a bustling city we all need a place to decompress.


The Community

We are very connected with our yoga community. Working closely with other yoga studios in the city, as well as around the world, we deliver quality instruction and informed classes.


The Training

All of our instructors are certified in either India or in Europe. We are committed to the tradition of yoga, but want to deliver an experience that speaks to our community.


The Workshops

Karma workshops are a fantastic place to completely disconnect. These multi-day sessions are open to all skill levels and are offered every other month. Connect with us to learn more.




Connect with us

Viverra Arcu

081 AE Rotterdam

+11 41 - 732 08 02