Three women. Three cities. One fashionable dream.



 When we opened our first tiny baby-sized shop in the East Village in New York City in 2011, we had no idea that five years later we would span two coasts, have more than a dozen superfan celeb customers, and gain 80,000+ followers on social media. We know, right?! In the beginning — with our 500sq foot, closest-sized space — our hopes and dreams for the future of the business were no larger than planting a funky little niche store in the heart of the cool kids’ town.

There‘s only one downside to the shop’s growing popularity: it’s incredibly difficult suppressing Jessica’s tendency to squee when Beyoncé drops by. She needs to get a grip. Happy shopping everybody! We love seeing your

awesome faces.


Jessica Goodman / Samantha Williams  / Maggy Williams


 With a degree in fashion photography, Co-Founder Jessica  Goodman graduated from Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts long enough ago that she’s unwilling to give us a date. She started her career as a patternmaker for Marc Jacobs until a close friend and colleague suggested she relocate to Los Angeles to work for Cali-native, ready-to-wear designer James Perse. While living in LA, Jessica slowly began replacing her stereotypically all black New York wardrobe for bright colors and dynamic patterns. The intrinsic beach and colorful urban culture of her new home quickly began to influence her design aesthetic.


After working with James Perse and feeling somewhat confined by the minimalist approach to fashion, she took her new found love for vibrant, casual clothing and began her own ready-to-wear line inspired by street culture. She describes that time as a financial struggle but the most creatively fulfilling days of her career up to that point.


One fine evening at an industry event, she met sisters Samantha and Maggy Williams who had started their own small streetwear boutique several years ago. The sisters had already gained a good level success and needed a creative mind and third partner in crime to come on board. Jessica now lives in her cozy bohemian-style home in Santa Monica, California with her husband, two cranky cats, and chihuahua, Oliver. She’s one of those people who insists her dog attend every photo-shoot and wear something frou-frou. We admit, Oliver is a real charmer, even in a tutu.



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Hey, LA, it’s our 5yr anniversary! Come have drinks with us at the store this Friday, or bust!”


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